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Long time no homo. Just a friendly reminder that im trash

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- Haven’t changed my desktop since last year

- Tagging Boeun, Star, Cica, Gran and Bib only if you guys want to 

A young samurai guarding his lord’s tiny beasts

"just take a shit already" 

for Bib! 

jyami replied to your photo:<:/ studies
omggg these are GORGEOUS

Thank you q - q 

Its what I do when I’m art blocked

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<:/ studies

You don’t need to go to art school to make it in the art field. Chin up, your work is great and improves tremendously. If you can’t afford art school, just keep producing work and eventually, you will get noticed for your hard work.

Thank you very much. I just want to keep improving. I’m scared of being left behind by my amazing friends who make art for a living

if you can find a couple of workshops to go to thatd be a huge benefit, usually the person in charge will offer instruction if asked! some art schools even have workshops open to the public where the instructors are teachers.

I might actually go back to school next year but its not art related. If the school provides art classes I might take them? (crossing my fingers).

I also apologize for not looking at my followers because the numbers make me extremely anxious lately ;;; Also Hi 

going rn and i can definitely say this is the happiest ive been in life. i wouldnt be able to go without the financial aid im getting though.

I’m honestly envious of everyone going to Art Schools. I gave up that dream a few months ago (circumstances wouldn’t let me) but I wish you all the luck! 

I used to believe that all great artist are a product of Art Schools

past tense 

then my friends end up with $100-300k loan after graduating

old art dump

you can tell i hate drawing straight lines